Terms & Conditions

We want you to be 100% happy with your order.

Defective Prints
If you receive a defective or damaged print, please contact us within 7 business days of the delivery of your order and Squishy Lemons will replace the defective item(s) at no cost to you. You may be asked to return a defective item at no cost to you.

Please Note: While we are dedicated to receiving 5 star reviews, we are unable to replace a print if the issue is a direct result of the file or information submitted with your order. And this is a minor issue as email approvals will take place prior to shipping an order.
That being acknowledged, we will always replace items with issues resulting from materials and/or workmanship. If you have any concerns please contact us.

Shipping Damage
If your order is damaged in transit we will replace the order and process any shipper damage claims. We may ask that you provide digital photographs that clearly show the damage to the packaging and contents within 7 days of delivery. We will replace the order upon receipt the photographic verification of damage.

In certain instances, the shipping agent may request to visually inspect the damaged packaging and contents. Please be sure to retain the items and their packaging until you are notified that they are no longer needed.

We reserve the right to refuse services for content that we determine to be objectionable. We will notify you if we find an issue with the content of your order. To put it simply: Please keep things tasteful.

Email Address:
hello@Squishy Lemons.com

Privacy Policy

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