Strategy Sheet: Squishy Lemons #1

The first Strategy Sheet is one to print off annually. “Squishy Lemons Strategy Sheet: Squishy #1”.

Use this page to write down what you want to accomplish, or what’s on your mind. I like to name my years….usually this is done toward the end of the year, but sometimes you know in advance what the year will be all about. Hence… “The Year of the…” reference.

And with all Strategy Sheets, you can print off as often as you want for as many copies as you require. Jot, use stickers, cut and past….it’s all up to you.

Additional Squishy Strategy Sheets

Squishy Strategy Sheets

Designed to be printed at home.  We supply the PDF, you can then download, print, and 3-hole punch if you prefer to keep in a binder.  Cheat Sheets let you take your life offline…with the help of the Internet.

Download and Print as PDF

3 Ring Binder Ready

Scribble & Jot Notes

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