Strategy Sheet: Squishy Lemons #1 – LIFESTYLE

The first Squishy Lemons Strategy Sheet in the all Squishy series. The “Squishy Lemons Strategy Sheet #1 – Lifestyle”.

The Strategy Sheet below is pretty simple, yet possibly the most important of them all. I highly recommend you keep this page private and never share it with anyone. When you share, you extend the invitation of criticism. This Squishy Strategy Sheet is the basis for improving your lifestyle…a simple question…what do you want? It’s a tough question to answer, and with age, the ‘Things I want’ tend to change. The quantity of items tend to decrease, however the increase is in the price and grandness of those items.

On the top right is the ‘Things I Want to Become’ box…which are generally non-tangible. This could include things like becoming more patient, a pianist, conversational in Spanish…etc. The bottom left box ‘Things I Want to Experience’ I find to change as I get older as well. I’ve crossed off a lot of items that got entered in that box, but there are always more. One can’t experience everything, but luckily we get to choose to some degree. And with a little luck and planning, anything is possible and nothing is inevitable.

Lastly, on the bottom right we have the ‘Motivation’ box. I won’t tell you what I write in this box, but it’s not always pleasant. I’m a competitor, and I’ll leave it at that. Of all the boxes not to share with anyone…this should be it. I don’t judge any individual on what personally motivates you. This is because a lot of times, if you achieve your goals, the motivation diminishes…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…it simply means your lifestyle design is working.

Revisit this list often to ensure you up the grit, motivation, learn more about yourself, and be the best you that you can be.

And with all Strategy Sheets, you can print off as often as you want for as many copies as you require. Jot, use stickers, cut and paste….it’s all up to you.

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