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Electric Kettles, Stove Top, and All Kinds

3.1.4 – Kettles

Heating water with Kettles…enjoy*

*In lieu of a ‘Top Ten’ or ‘Best of’ list, we showcase an amalgamation of design in a virtually random category…or what we call ‘Squishy Selects.’  You will find triple curated, unique, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Along with some designer links, and related design goods.

Plenty of choices and options when selecting a Kettle for the Gravity Pad.

Do you want electric or stove top? Kettles for coffee or tea and all the gadgetry with it?  I simply want to boil water and have something that is easy to use and clean.

I like to go with Stove Top Kettles.  Mainly because if I can avoid using electric gadgets, I usually do.  However, having an electric kettle will be faster than stove as well as satisfy those who require exact temperature controls.  So why not one of both.

The stove top kettle Squishy Pick…West Elm Copper Kettle.  Of course it’s too expensive, but it is classic and well constructed.

Other favorite stove top picks.  This was a top contender, utlimately I chose the simpler of the two designs.  Not rarely do I deviate aesthetics over function, but in this case yes.  However, this German made kettle is so good, it’s rip-off is even doing well on Amazon.

Wesco® Classic Stainless Steel Stovetop Kettle

This porcelain made masterpiece by Tapio Wirkkala.  Incredible simple design.  It would be the top pick if not for being sold out everywhere I checked.

This OXO anniversary has cork.  I like cork so much it might be moved up to the top spot by the time this is all over.

Getting one of the most popular Alessi Products ever is not a bad option.

There are a lot of color scheme kettles and more modern kettles that didn’t make the list.  Ultimately, I wanted performance and something aesthetically pleasing enough to leave on the stove.  Many good options and choices in Stove Top Kettles.  Not as many handmade options I was able to find.  Next up,

Electric Kettle Squishy Pick goes to…

Aicok Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Double Wall Cool Touch Cordless Water Kettle, 1.8-Quart Electric Tea Kettle Water Boiler with 1500W Fast Heatup, Red.


Other Top Contender from Secura. I like these designs as they are colorful and simple.  Plus they boil water fast.  I’m not in the market for thermal controls or all the gadgetry myself.

Additional Kettles from Squishy Pics…

Krups and Cuisineart are two popular options for perfect temperature controls for all those tea and coffee snobs.  Smeg has some vintage retro electric kettles as well.  But these are more Squishy Picks.

The Stelton Blue Emma Electric Kettle

I guess still in development as I couldn’t find how to buy yet.  The Pyrex Tea Kettle.

And for the unique Squishy Pick goes to this kettle…that is heated with a light bulb. And rather pleasing on the eyes.

Kettle by Estelle Sauvage

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