Squishy Selects – Garlic

Squishy Lemons Selects – Garlic

Garlic Storage Designs Selected by Squishy Lemons

3.1.2 – Garlic Storage Designs

This week’s category is Garlic…enjoy*

*In lieu of a ‘Top Ten’ or ‘Best of’ list, we showcase an amalgamation of design in a virtually random category…or what we call ‘Squishy Selects.’  You will find triple curated, unique, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Along with some designer links, and related design goods.

One of the things I quickly realized while researching garlic and design became apparent the efforts put into avoiding smell by touch.  For instance…we start with the Garlic Crusher, a Red Dot award winner. Apparently the garlic smell is avoided by both not having to touch it to crush it and stainless steel is known to take away the pungent nature smells.

Garlic Crusher

In the high-tech sub category of garlic crushing comes the Garlizi.  A complete garlic in, garlic out solution…crushed insanely quick.  I mostly disprove of high tech for this type of kitchen gadget, but this does not require any electricity.  Props to the designer Jang Young Jin.


And if you just want to get the smells away you can always go novelty ‘Savon Du Chef” by Alessi.

garlic smell rid

One of my favorite finds in the garlic selects category was this 3D printed Garlic Holder by Ron Yosef.  Good for defeating evil spirits sort of garlic holder.


Then you have the selected best of Etsy for practicality. This is by Brent Smith Pottery.  I find the size and layering to be spot on.


…and this one by Christine Stangel deserves on the list for great coloring as well.


And the last Etsy and only Garlic Dish which can double as a an olive oil dipping dish is this from Robin of LostMountainPottery.


Crate and Barrel really proved dominant for cool garlic pots, crushers and even a roaster…

This first one is a cork top lid, simple but I can no longer find it available online.


Creative crushing Selects…here is the garlic rocker by Joseph Joseph


The Kuhn Rikon Green Garlic Peeler


And my favorite of the post is the Cast Iron Garlic Roaster.  That just looks fun.  For at least the first few times.



*If you are a designer who’s work is featured here and wish for it to be removed, please contact Squishy Lemons and we will do so immediately.  In no way do we profit from your designs. Our sole intention is to share great design with our readers.

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