The Hamster Dance –

This single website probably changed my career path. Back when the Internet was fun, new, exciting, and a seemingly limitless potential of greatness, Internet Users would run across stuff like this out of the blue…before shit went “viral”. It was pure discovery.

And to provide some background context for all you kids out there, in the early days of the Internet we didn’t always know where a link was going to take us…we just clicked around on sites that weren’t social media sites. Everything was new and original…and it’s sites like this that taught us to always keep the computer speakers volume turned off while you were suppose to be working.

I believe the Original Hamster dance site is now now parked on And as what I can only assume is a tribute, there are a more than a handful of sites that have tried to replicate the original. It was glorious and will forever remain my favorite website. It got me into the business, it made me want to make websites, which I still do today, so my content could be discovered and bring this level of hamster joy.

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