Welcome to the Squishy Picks List #003 featuring an immortalized comedic legend, my go to search engine, a citrus grass for cooking, high end paper trimmers, and a gorgeous waterfall with no tour guides. Please enjoy this top notch, triple curated, best of the best, personal favorite, share worthy list of 5 things worth your time.

Mitch Hedberg

I’m not a huge fan of stand up comedy…I enjoy it every now and again, but the older I get, the less interested I am. However, I will never forget Mitch Hedberg…R.I.P. Would have loved to see a live set in a small comedy club. Truly unique and original, the stuff I crave. Listen for yourself.


It’s difficult getting away from Google. I was a beta user of Gmail and a fan for years, however times change. And while I still use the 500 lb gorilla for business purposes, my go to search engine is Startpage.com. Startpage is about privacy…or at least more so I suspect, and unlike Google Search, you don’t have to skip the first page to go somewhere you haven’t been before.


Lemongrass. It’s a grassy vegetable perhaps more popular overseas than in the States. Use it in soups or marinades and it brings the food to a whole new level. I grow this in the garden every year and it is my favorite thing to harvest as you are hammered with scents of lemon and citronella. After harvesting, you won’t want to wash your oily pleasant smelling hands. Image and link from Bonnie Plants.


Any home office that works with art or paper requires a solid paper cutter. Well here it is…the Rotatrim M24 Professional Paper Trimmer. Mine will be with me as long as I’m alive.

Salto El Limón

If you are a fan of waterfalls off the beaten track…this one is for you. To date this Dominican Republic destination is one of my most memorable travel experiences. Sure, Niagara falls is impressive, but it would never be a Squishy Pick. This place offers interaction beyond a ferry, a place where you can swim at your leisure and go home with an original memory, not a souvenir. Plus there is unlikely to be a crowd over 10-15 people. Just give your donkey handler (transportation) a tip.

Additional Squishy Picks

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