Welcome to the Squishy Picks List #002 featuring ink sticks, my favorite web browser, writing pen website, a comedic and free speech legend, and a hush puppy recipe. Please enjoy this top notch, triple curated, best of the best, personal favorite, share worthy list of 5 things worth your time.

Sinseido Ink Sticks

If you follow a lot of Squishy Picks, you’ll learn one of my go to topics is Japanese artisans. I appreciate the dedication to their craft. And Kido Ito of Sinseido creates beautiful ink sticks or ‘sumi’.

You can actually purchase these online or visit Sinseido’s website. I’m a fan of art and these traditionally made ink sticks are quite awesome. Read more from ana-cooljapan.com.

Brave Browser

I’ve used a variety of Browsers, and I’m now on the Brave Browser for most of my Internet sessions. It feels and looks a lot like Chrome, but without the tracking.

Anytime I can easily forego providing my data to Google, which I realize they already have everything on me, I will. The Brave Browser is free, fast, and I’ve got nothing but positive opinions. Every now and then you’ll still need to use another pop browser to purchase through certain websites, but not often. I highly recommend Brave.


This is my go to source for discovering new writing instruments. I’ve not always had success with all of them, but I really enjoy this website.

JetPens.com provides outstanding write-ups for their products they sell. Their website is extensive and you can order online. Overall one of my longest standing bookmarked pages.

The Ricky Gervais Show

Sure you probably have heard of this one, but I just can’t leave it off the list of Squishy Picks as Ricky Gervais is a living legend.

Check out The Ricky Gervais Show and pretty much anything else Ricky Gervais does. I’m a fan.

Jiffy Hush Puppies

This is a recipe from Jiffy Mix. Make some delicious hush puppies this week and enjoy the value of Squishy Picks. Delicious.

Additional Squishy Picks

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