Welcome to the Squishy Picks List #001 featuring a hamster dance, a writer, a messenger bag company, a photography style, and web dev magazine. Please enjoy this top notch, triple curated, best of the best, personal favorite, share worthy list of 5 things worth your time.

The Hamster Dance

This single website probably changed my career path. Back when the Internet was fun, new, exciting, and a seemingly limitless potential of greatness, Internet Users would run across stuff like this out of the blue…before shit went “viral”. It was pure discovery.

I believe the Original Hamster dance site is now now parked on Godaddy.com. And as what I can only assume is a tribute, there are a more than a handful of sites that have tried to replicate the original. It was glorious and will forever remain my favorite website. It got me into the business, it made me want to make websites, which I still do today, so my content could be discovered and bring this level of hamster joy.

Kurt Vonnegut

One of the most original and thoughtful authors, Kurt Vonnegut.

Kurt’s novels have a very unique sense of how he went about thinking about culture. He always struck me as an independent as well. One of my top 5 favorite writers…hope you enjoy his works as well. I’d start with ‘Breakfast of Champions’ or ‘Slaughterhouse Five’.


Crumpler Messenger Bags. I threw this bag making company on the list as my personal Crumpler messenger bag and camera bag have lasted for 15 years and could easily go another 10 – 20 years. They are just very well made.

I’m not a huge fan of all their designs, but there is something on there for everyone. I remember appreciating this company back when they had one of the craziest websites I’ve ever seen….it was wacky and quite awesome. You could probably visit it using the Internet Archive and going back to 2004 or so….not sure.


If you ever need to get a bit of inspiration or kill a few minutes, visit lomography.com.

Just a great run site. Lomography is a sytle of photography people use to capture moments not traditionally planned. A deflated ballon as opposed to a birthday party for instance. Of course there is a wide range of topics, cameras, film, etc. One of my all time favorite sites.


I’ve made a living online, and in the beginning it was largely by making websites and doing a bit of graphic design. This has been and still is my go to source to stay up date in that industry. A very well run site, not sure why there are hardly any comments ever…maybe it’s a sign in thing.

Additional Squishy Picks

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