Squishy Picks

Most content you will find on Squishy Lemons is Original.  This post is the exception.  Any product, service, website, photography, designers, or just about anything I discover and deem both unique & well presented will go on this list.  It’s the stuff I have or wish I had…it’s the content that make me love the Internet.

Check back often as this list is updated from time to time with newest discoveries at the top.  Enjoy Squishy Picks!

Last Update:  2/26/19

Fish Bowls: by Haruka Misawa

Unfortunately, I can’t find where to purchase online, or even find out if they are being manufactured.  This was most likely a one time design project?


Kettles: by West Elm

The top kettle Squishy Pick goes to this copper kettle, on sale for $128!  It’s out of my kettle budget, but it is classic.  And I do like classics.

Scissors:  by Scotch

This is all personal preference.  Top scissor manufacturers have it down by now.  Personally, I like unique colors, a comfort grip, and slide ability for wrapping presents.  That was my reasoning for going with the Scotch, Precision Ultra Edge Scissors.

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