Squishy Lemons Selects – General Purpose Paper Scissors

Squishy Lemons Selects – General Purpose Paper Scissors

General Purpose Scissors Designed for Paper Cutting

3.1.5 – Scissors

Paper cutting with your standard 8″ scissors…enjoy*

*In lieu of a ‘Top Ten’ or ‘Best of’ list, we showcase an amalgamation of design in a virtually random category…or what we call ‘Squishy Selects.’  You will find triple curated, unique, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Along with some designer links, and related design goods.

There are all types of scissors designed for cutting all types of things.  For this post, I focused on finding a beautifully designed, all purpose 8″ scissors that will cut paper.  Personally, I wanted something that would be durable, not insanely expensive, and if possible….titanium.  The choice material for designer scissors.  Let’s get started.

My top pick is… Scotch, Precision Ultra Edge Scissors.

These scissors made the top of the list, primarily because of color.  They are titanium scissors and will last you a long time.  100,000 plus cuts if you believe the manufacturer.  Comfortable grip, color options, and I do like the black white grip along with black blades.

They also offer it in more pastel colors.

You can’t mention scissors without running accross Fiskars brand. And I do like the soft grip pictured below.  You can get these in a small variety of colors if orange is not your new black.

It’s hard to go wrong with Fiskars.  I’ve used a set for many years now.  Also available in the bent style…

Another great option with a tension key comes from Westcott.  Great reviews and only a couple bucks more expensive than standard.


Best of luck to those looking for general purpose cutting scissors.  Westcott & Fiskars tend to dominate the cutting world.  Which is probably why Scotch topped the list.  Any of these will be excellent options for cutting paper, crafts, and even some fabric.  Let me know if you recommend anything to be added to the Squishy picks.




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