Free Squishy Bird

Thank you for your interest in Squishy Lemons Bird Avatars! You will be designing your own custom Squishy Bird using the form below. Once you design and submit your Squishy Bird, it will take 2-5 business days to process. Check the email you provided (spam and junk folders) for the digital file.

Squishy Lemons Bird Design Guide
  1. When choosing colors for the wings, use hex color codes (6 digits…the ‘#’ is not necessary. Check out for colors and color themes!
  2. You will receive a digital proof file (small size) via email. Please reply to the email and approve the design to get your full size avatar.
  3. The Wing Colors are reverse mirrored as in the example above. For instance the blue wing is the left wing is in position 5, on the right wing it is position 1. If this is a deal killer for you…abandon now.
  4. Multiple Wing Colors (2 or more) will be translucent…meaning the colors will change slightly based on the layering.
  5. The ‘# of Wings’ picture examples in the form below show the Squishy Bird Head (round circle) blurry…this will not be the case with your custom designed Squishy Bird.
  6. The ‘Flight Direction’ will also include a distortion. As in the example above, the flight direction is ‘Left’, and is slightly smaller than the right side…the form does not accurately reflect this.
  7. We will make every effort possible to design you a custom Squishy Bird of High Quality. However, if you don’t like our design after a 2nd attempt, that’s just tough luck…you are hard to please…it’s an Avatar after all.
  8. You can purchase a 5 pack of your custom Squishy Bird on a 1″ Button or 1″ Magnet after you fill out the form.
  9. This is free for the First 100 Squishy Illumineers. Read More.

This will also be the center circle color (...bird head)
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Squishy Bird Design Guide

Thanks for your Interest in Squishy Lemons Bird Avatar.  This guide will show you tips and instructions on how to customize your own Squishy Bird!

Squishy Bird Step #1 - Wings

Choose # of Wing(s) Per Side.  We recommend 5 Wings!

Squishy Birds Step #2 - Wing Color

Choose up to 5 Wing Colors.

Enter a 6-digit 'Hex Color Code Value' for each wing color.

(Example:  #4275b8 was used for wing color #1)

PLEASE NOTE:  Wings are translucent and reverse mirrored.

The center circle will be similar to wing color #1.

Squishy Birds Step #3 - Flight Direction

Select a flight direction for your Squishy Bird.

Squishy Birds Step #3 - Wing Length

Select a wing length for your Squishy Bird.