We are Looking for the First One-Hundred Fans

Be one of the first 100 to sign up and get amazing rewards! Since this project is just starting, there are currently 88 Lemoneer Packages still available as of 1/25/2020. Being one of the first 100 “Squishy Lemoneers”, you’ll be participating in this fun Mystery Kit game and we may ask your opinion on your experience in order to make SMK #2 better.

Also, my personal thank you for playing! Hope you have fun, that’s all Squishy Lemons is about. Well…selling custom digital art prints is also sort of what we are about.

Lemoneers will receive:

• Custom – Squishy Bird Avatar Files ($35 Value)
• Custom – Squishy Bird Avatar Tee Shirt ($50 Value)
• Custom – Squishy Strategy Sheets Binder Cover ($10)
Squishy Mystery Kit #1: Moss & Monkeys ($100) Exclusively for Squishy Lemoneers!
• Exclusive Email List (Get first announcements for upcoming projects) Exclusively for Squishy Lemoneers!
• Exclusive Pink Lemon Coupon Codes!

Lemoneers Package – Learn More

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