Squishy Bird Avatar: Overview

If you want a custom avatar designed exclusively by Squishy Lemons…we proudly present to you Squishy Bird Avatars! Customize your own Squishy Bird Avatar using the form below. Pick out your favorite colors and receive a one-of-a-kind Squishy Bird Avatar! Once you customize and submit your Squishy Bird Avatar, you will receive the Digital Files for $35!

Squishy Bird Avatar: Examples

Squishy Bird Avatar: Customization Tips & Design Guide

Ultimately, it is up to Squishy Lemons Artists to design your Squishy Bird Avatar with your selections; however, slight altercations will be made to ensure yours is truly unique. Depending on the colors you choose, the background to your Squishy Bird Avatar Digital File may be either black or white. Keep this in mind on if you plan to purchase either a white tee shirt (mid to dark bird colors work best) or black tee shirt (light bird colors work best).

Choosing Colors: The best way to choose colors for your Squishy Bird Avatar is by visiting Adobe Color… Search for your favorite color theme or create your own. After you find a color theme, write down or copy the five (5) different ‘Hex Color Codes’. Each ‘Hex Color Code’ will be a six (6) digit combination of letters (A-F) and/or numbers (0-9).

Adobe Color ‘Create’. Arrows point to six digit ‘Hex Color Code’

Adobe Color ‘Search for Jellyfish’. Arrows point to six digit ‘Hex Color Code’

Squishy Bird Avatar: Customization Form

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