Squishy Bird Avatar

Customize your very own Squishy Bird Avatar! You will receive digital files for you to use in profiles across any social media outlets. No two Squishy Bird Avatars are alike! Use the form below or just email hello@squishylemons.com to select your favorite colors for your Squishy Bird Avatar. Once you choose and submit your color scheme, Squishy Lemons will design your very own custom Squishy Bird Avatar. It’s pretty simple.

Sample Squishy Bird Avatars

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Squishy Bird Avatar: Customization Tips & Design Guide

Squishy Lemons Artists will design a customized Squishy Bird Avatar with your color selections; however, slight warping altercations will be made to ensure yours is truly unique. Depending on the colors you choose, your Squishy Bird Avatar may be on either a black or white background. Lighter colors get a black background, and darker colors get a white background.

Note that there are 5 wing colors total. The 1st wing color will also be used for the center circle of the Squishy Bird Avatar. Colors you choose will be transparent to create the effect shown, notice that overlapping wing colors produce a less transparent color. Ultimately, your Squishy Bird Avatar will have around 12-15 colors.

If your custom Squishy Bird Avatar does not meet your expectations. Let us know specifically what you would like to change and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Additional billing may be required after the first revision. The shape or flight pattern is determined by Squishy Lemons Artists, but you are free to make requests in terms of shape and flight direction in the notes below and we will do our best to accommodate.

Squishy Lemons Custom Prints

Squishy Bird Avatar: Customization Form

This will also be used as the color of the center circle or Squishy Bird Avatar 'Head'.
Use same email when placing order.

Choosing Colors Option 1: The best way to choose colors for your Squishy Bird Avatar is using ‘Hex Color Codes’. Visit …https://color.adobe.com/, search for your favorite color theme or create your own, and fill out the form with 5 different hex values (ex. #edc800 is Yellow). This ensures exact colors are used when designing your custom Squishy Bird Avatar.

Choosing Colors Option 2: Just type Blue, or Light Blue for example. Squishy Lemons artists will do their best to develop a color scheme that looks awesome.

Notes: If you have shape or flight direction preferences, (long wings vs shorter wings, curvy vs straight, down and left vs up and to the right) let us know in detail and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Every Squishy Bird Avatar is unique.

Additional Digital Art Prints

Squishy Lemons Custom

There are a few things to note regarding Custom Products from Squishy Lemons.


Contact us at hello@squishylemons.com for any specific questions, comments, or concerns.

All Custom Products are Non-Refundable.  It's custom...don't send it back.  We will gladly correct any mistakes or misunderstandings on our part and will re-ship a new custom product at no expense to you.  Once the order is fullfilled to our expectations, the order is final and no returns, exchanges, or refunds will be available.

Squishy Lemons Custom Prints

You will be asked for final print approval before your Custom Print has been actually printed.  Squishy Lemons will send you a file via the email placed with the form.  Once you approve by replying to our email, and you have placed your order on on this site, we will proceed to customize, print, and ship your item.


This ensures us you are pleased with the file.  If you would like to make any changes, before approval is the time to do so.  Say hello@squishylemons.com for specific questions, comments, or concerns.  Thanks!

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