Solar System Planetary Alignment Print

Saturated Symmetrical Solar System Custom Date Stamp Print

8 Planet Plus Pluto with Centric Sun Set to August 9th, 1980

2.1.2 – Solar System Planet Alignment Print: August 9th, 1980

This project was to visualize where each of the 8 planets (plus the planet formerly known as pluto) were in relation to the sun.  So with the grey center sun, on August 9th, 1980 using an online celestial map generation tool, I was able to get the correct alignments.

Solar System Planetary Alignment Print

I used Photoshop…basic tools with shadows and opacity levels with a very saturated color scheme.  I wanted a very neutral clean texture that almost looks like it was stitched on canvas, so the planet colors could easily reach out as much as possible since they are saturated.  This would work well on a light color wall if you prefer pastel purples, blues, aquas, and light grey’s.  They also work well as a set, 1 for each member of the fam on their birthday, as no two will be alike unless the date is the same.

Naturally, the orbits are not pure circles, and the planets are not even to scale…so technically this should not be used for scientific study 😉 .  However, at least it fits on the paper this way and all the moons are accounted for.  You will notice Pluto’s two chunks coming together in their own orbit.

Just choose a date and the planets will be aligned to that time, so no two will be alike.  The print is 12 x 12 with a 1 inch white border. Printed on high quality cotton rag.

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