Custom Date Stamped Solar System Planetary Alignment Print


  • Custom Made to Order:  Choose a date and the planets will be re-arranged based on where they are on that date.  Enter date in ‘Order Notes’ on Checkout page.
  • Primary color: Gray
  • Secondary color: Blue, purple, gray
  • Size:  10″ x 10″ with 1/2 white border.  Total dimensions 11″ x 11″
  • Material: High Quality Cotton Rag Paper
  • Made to order
  • Ships worldwide from United States

$ 100.00


This digital print is custom made to a date you specify. The planets will then be re-arranged to their approximate location on that date. For instance, the example in the pictures is set to August 9th, 1980. The solar system print is also date stamped in a great font on the outer orbit (pluto’s) ring with the date you choose.

The 10 x 10 inch print also has an additional 1/2 inch white border on the edges. So total print size is 11″ x 11″. The print shows 8 planets plus pluto in a 9 ring circular orbit (orbits not to scale). The solar system print also shows each planets moons (also not to scale). Each planet will be in a different spot depending on the date you choose.

The photos show a bolder blue than the actual print. The first image is the best option to use for color accuracy. The actual color scheme is very de-saturated with translucent moons and planets to see the underlying texture and orbit rings (dashed lines). The background is a light gray. Sun is a darker gray. Planets and moons are a mix of light shades of blues and purples. When two planets occupy the same location, it creates a darker shade. Creating a very nice effect when that happens.

This is a great gift item for those interested in science and astronomy. Let them see where the planets were located on their birthday.


Add a date of your choice when on the ‘Checkout’ page under ‘Order Notes’ when purchasing and be sure to include the date you would like your custom solar system print to display. The planets arrangement will change dependent on that date. (I use a 3rd party online app to discover planetary alignment positions). Any date as far back as 10,000 years should be fine.


• 10″ x 10″ (ten inch by ten inch) custom digital print with additional 1/2″ white border. Actual size of print is 11″x11″.
• Printed on high quality cotton rag that will last for years.
• Paper is slightly textured. Background on print is also textured. See photos for details.
• Purple, blue and gray hues look great when viewing, however pictures and color variations may change depending on photography, browser and monitor settings.
• Let me know what date to use in the ‘Order Notes’ when purchasing.  If you do not, don’t fret, I will email.
• Shipped flat.
• Packaged and wrapped in glassine paper with chipboard backing.
• Ships from Missouri within 1-2 business days.


Please contact me from my shop here on if you would like to order a different size, color, or quantity. I can create this up to 13″ wide.


• Handmade and designed by Squishy Lemons (and the universe) in Missouri using professional grade inks and paper.
• 1/6 image is a digital file from original is most accurate for color representation .
• 2/6 image is a photo that shows how I framed my print (using random date of August 9th, 1980) Frame not included.
• 3/6 image is a photo that shows entire print (taken at angle).
• 4/6 image is a photo showing the corner of the print with the 1/2″ border and slight texturing of digital print.
• 5 /6 image is a photo showing the small script date that is on the print in wonderful script.
• 6/6 image is a photo showing more detail of the center rings.
• Clean using non abrasive dry cloth or can of air


For more information or with trouble ordering get in touch with Squishy Lemons at
Weight1 lbs
Dimensions15 × 12.5 × .2 in

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