• Cheat Sheet #1


    Mobility Set #1 includes 11 dynamic movements to be performed in the morning or as a pre-warmup for a workout. Perform controlled and slowly to get your day started right by loosening up the joints.


  • Mobility Fitness Charts

    Increase Your Flexibility &
    Range of Motion

  • Speed Fitness Charts

    Improve Reaction Time &
    Dynamic Movement

  • Strength Fitness Charts

    Increase Your Strength &
    Improve Physique

It is important to carefully research these exercises prior to performing so that you reduce the risk of injury. Please consult a certified professional and doctor prior to performing.


Squishy Cheat Sheets

Designed to be printed at home.  We supply the PDF, you can then download, print, and 3-hole punch if you prefer to keep in a binder.  Cheat Sheets let you take your life offline…with the help of the Internet.

  • Download and Print as PDF

  • 3 Ring Binder Ready

  • Scribble & Jot Notes