Future Project List

This is more of a page for the site admin. Just a list of things I’d like to Create/Design one day. Nothing more, nothing less. I figured I’d publish this just to have a spot I wouldn’t lose it, and you may find it interesting as well. List is in no particular order, and not necessarily Squishy Lemons related. Thanks for all your support!

  1. Create and Design a Board Game
    Simple for family’s to be able to play, easy enough rules for kids. Expandable, strategy game type of capture the flag. Use dice, move pieces (DIY character piece design), changeable layout for a different game each time (move water/river locations), build-boats, build defense, characters move at different speeds, draw cards to gain advantages.
  2. Create and Design a Totem with Awesome Packaging Box/Case
    This is in progress and I am making 100 of the first version. It’s made out of paper. 2nd version and beyond will use different materials. Would love to make a glass totem, a copper totem, wood, etc. Good design, no real purpose other than being a fiddle-type of item. Collectible limited to 100.
  3. Create and Design a Custom Chess Set & Board
    Been wanting to do this a while, I have sketches, but not sure how to go about making pieces. I may use a silicon mold and rubber.
  4. Convert my Email List to Paper
    I’d like to have an old fashioned Newsletter instead of Email Newsletter. Would be nice to send out in Mail…just not sure about how to cover postage costs.
  5. Document Personal Backyard Oasis Project
    I’m in the process of building a Beach House, which will go up for sale soon, I am then building a farmhouse with what will be my personal long time home with amazing landscaping, water features, and a natural swimming pool eventually when the toddlers grow up. Here’s my current design (as of 9/13/23) of what I’m calling my ‘Oasis’ backyard landscaping (I’m in Zone 6B if you care):

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