Comedor Cafeteria, Dominican Republic

Comedor Cafeteria, Dominican Republic Photograph

First Item approved for the Gravity Pad Concept Home

2.1.1 – Comedor Cafeteria Photograph

This is the first item chosen for inclusion in the Gravity Pad Concept Home.  It’s a 12 x 12″ photo of a food joint, somewhere between street cart and a small cafe.  It was chosen to remind me of the value in placing curiosity above comfort. It will be bordered in white with black frame for now. Other possibilities to take in mind:

Since the wooden stools are a natural color and the third most dominant (behind black and aquatic green) a wooden natural frame would work.

Like all walled artwork in the Gravity Pad, the framing and size must match the space. Therefore I must include space in the floorplan for this.

Display in a hallway, around or near the #Master Suite, or #Map Room.





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