Squishy Selects – Fish Bowls

Squishy Lemons Selects – Fish Bowls

Fish Bowl Designs Selected by Squishy Lemons

3.1.1 – Best Fish Bowl Designs

This week’s category is Fish Bowls…enjoy*

*In lieu of a ‘Top Ten’ or ‘Best of’ list, we showcase an amalgamation of design in a virtually random category…or what we call ‘Squishy Selects.’  You will find triple curated, unique, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Along with some designer links, and related design goods.


My personal favorite selection during this internet fishing trip, returns an artist from Japan…Haruka Misawa. A former Nendo designer.  She has some serious skills in creating elegant and unique Waterscapes.  Her works looks like a MOMA gallery for fish bowls…major props.  I would also recommend her ‘Paper Vehicles of Flight’ exhibit.


A well known and incredible glass studio ‘Esque‘ created a fish bowl called Space Mountain, apparently inspired by Disney’s space mountain.  Available online for $900.


One of the hottest i-trending fish aquariums out there is from Biorb.  They offer four different designs with many sizes of each for around $100-$500 each.  Very well designed for modern tastes.  The image below is from the ‘Flow’ line 15 gallon.


A simple take on the classic fish bowl is from ZeroEdge aquariums.  They create the minimal desktop fish bowl to amazing aquariums.  This Betta Bowl is available for $59.95. And the one below is the Aqua U for $290, also a Squishy Select.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 11.13.51 PM


Can’t imagine this working out well, but I would still like to see it in person.  Fish Bowls hanging from rafters with each one appearing to have a single goldfish.  One, that would be hard to clean, two it’s pretty sweet looking. Thanks to Lomography by janagitana.


Featuring technology integrated with a fish bowl is from the stylish pet company ‘Noux‘.  Their self cleaning fish tank, the Avo does just that.  Well designed and beautiful, it quickly reached it’s Kickstarter goal and is available soon I would imagine.


If there was a dominant fish bowl maker on the Internet, it would have to be Roger Arquar.  He’s done a lot in the world of design including 15 clever aquariums.  Each equally intriguing as the next.  fish_bowlsdesign

From WhatIC2 is another creative concept that plays well is the Molten Sculptural Glass over Teak.  I imagine that would be a challenge to pull off.  Maybe not, but either way it works nice.


The Etsy Select this week is from PinkSerissa.  I too love the Japan Moss ball and terrariums.  They work well together.  And yes, this fish bowl post turned into a lot about aqua-scaping.  I think that’s a good thing.


And the last select for the simple matter that it was just about on every ‘Top Ten or Best of’ Fish Bowl list was this ‘Labyrinth Aquarium’.  Available for $6500.  Good luck cleaning it, although if you are dropping $6500 on an aquarium, you can afford some help.  Not sure why the top bowls are wearing black hats and the decor looks a little weak for a 4 digit price tag.  But to each their own.

labyrinth aquarium

And one more item for the wow factor. Apparently aquascaping has caught my attention due to this design by Haruka Misawa. I may have found another Squishy Select category to add to my list.


*If you are a designer who’s work is featured here and wish for it to be removed, please contact Squishy Lemons and we will do so immediately.  In no way do we profit from your designs. Our sole intention is to share great design with our readers.

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