About Squishy Lemons

About Squishy Lemons

Squishy Lemons is an old school blog site ran by couple Jordan & Sitti Aliha.  We like to provide original, valuable, and ad free content.  Squishy Lemons is for those who…

  • Are rather introverted
  • Would rather spend their time outside than inside
  • Prefers the Old School Internet to Social Media
  • Prefer the Unique, Original and Ad Free
  • Appreciate Art & Design
  • Want to Improve their Lifestyle
  • Open to New Things
  • Prefers Paper to Screens (Yes, I understand the hypocrisy here!)
  • Want to Improve their Health
  • Want to Improve their Finances
  • Are Freelancers
  • Are Independent

Best wishes and hope you enjoy the site,

Jordan & Sitti Aliha

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