• Marathon Marker Original Art Print


    A Squish Lemons original Limited Edition Print featuring the Marathon Marker, located in the Florida Keys. Features a black cormorant sea bird atop a boat marker.  The cormorant sits atop an old traffic cone and reflector lights with warning signs below.  The background is a textured grunge effect that grades from dark sea green to light sea green.

Squishy Picks

  • Passion Flower Print

  • Passiflora Original Art Print

    8″ x 24″ Limited Edition of 100

    A Squishy Lemons original Limited Edition Print featuring the Passiflora Flower.  The Passiflora print is unique showing the artists breakdown of each element in the flower.  It features the large floral grouped together at the top with the 11 different designs used to in the creation.  Beautiful purples and shades of blues, greens, and yellow round out the digital print.