Wood Plank Wall Map Concept

World Map on Wood Plank Wall

First Concept to be featured on Squishy Lemons

2.0.1 – Wooden Plank Wall with World Map Project

This is a photoshopped design concept for the Gravity Pad.  The more personable and unique aspect of this interior design project would be to add the locations I’ve been too. I wanted a map that could accommodate enough little flags or push pins that would be stretched out yet still provide enough details down to the city or state.  I was thinking about spreading it out across the room and corners.  Or paint a larger map to focus on what area. Note you can see Australia in this concept in the back.  Project and trace outline and paint/stain.


Wooden Wall Art World Map Concept

Possible Additions

Marine Lines and/or 360º Coordinates
Push Pin with twine/rope for locations visited
Add Compass
Remove N.America/Canada Line
Could add House pop color of choice
Invert Dark Wood to Light Wood

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