Soaps and Dispension For Sinks

Soaps & Dispension for Sinks

Modular Design to Feature three soaps

2.0.2 – Soaps & Dispension Concept

Props to the following soaps to make this list.  These have been selected as my preferred liquid hand washing materials to be used in the Gravity Pad.  They will fit into the container as illustrated.  Gojo/and Gojo Original Formula, Cheapest Dish Soap I can locate at the dollar store, and this Patchouli-foamer I found through a search for my hand washing goals.  And when the word ‘Patchouli’ shows up in your search…you’ve found something.  Not sure what color it is going to be yet, so left the bottle empty in the concept.


Squishy Lemons Soap Dispenser Concept


The 3 bottom paddles…have got to be ultra responsive when pressed with back of hand, soap falls.


See Also 2.1.8 Textures & Materials to be featured in the Gravity Pad

GoJo Bulk Orange and Gojo Original Formula  |  Patchouli Hand Foamer  |  Cheap Ass Palmolive


I do believe buying in bulk helps save money, which means I’m going to have to add these to the list of storage items in the Gravity Pad.  At least for the first and last.  The others will fit and be recycled.

I can’t say I’ve ever noticed a difference.  Better probably washes away quicker, but I’ll sacrifice the $2-3 savings for an additional 12 seconds. General Savings for my relatively quiet comfort lifestyle will need to be accommodated for.

Bottles – Glass might turn up into a globe shape the next go around.  But this size would store easier and take less space.

Dispenser and Natural Plank weather treated wood…teak?  Maybe… Wood choice not yet determined.


Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.07.01 PM


Additional Ideas

Whatever Coating is on that Wood better be very Water resistant.  I might change that material down the road to a teflon.
Simple Design for easy clean.
Cork Top of Bottles with Black Rubber Casket plug.  Easy to refill from Top.  Also bottle’s can be swapped easily is an advantage.
The Soap release mechanism is not digitized, it’s responsive.  You hit it back and a small amount of soap falls.  No guessing.
This mechanism has been in industrial warehouses for years.  It can be done to glass surely, I don’t want to engineer that right now.
I don’t like scale of this image.  It’s a concept.  Proportional sizing to follow stricter rules.
Bottles are cheap and to be bought in bulk.
Maybe single gang version will be bubbled.  It looks better in concepts.
Actual version bottles will be longer clean and modern straight to save space.
The best part of all this might be that backsplash image I used.  White stone backdrops work for a lot of things I design.


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