Squishy Lemons Shop

Welcome to the Squishy Lemons Shop.  Peruse the collection of digital prints, photography, and pick up some 1 inch button magnets while you’re at it.  Feel free to make contact or email hello@squishylemons.com if you have any questions regarding the shop items or site in general.  We will respond as soon as possible.

Squishy Lemons shop can also customize many of the shop items if you are looking for something a bit different.  Also…have you found any pink lemons?  Here at the Squishy Lemons shop we enjoy designing items for the home and office in the realms of marine, nature, charts, navigation, astronomy, science, and travel.

Always check back for more design goods or subscribe to the Squishy Lemons Newsletter for much more Squishy.  There is a lot of design goods and fun here at Squishy Lemons.  Be sure to view the Squishy Lemons Projects Site Map so you don’t miss anything.

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