Office & Workstation in the Gravity Pad

Office & Workstation in the Gravity Pad

Conceptual plans and items to be included in the Design Studio

2.0.9 – Design Studio / Office and Workstation in the Gravity Pad

When scratch designing my custom residence, the primary rooms to be given a priority are the rooms I will spend the most time in.  The office is that place. Work in my office usually consists of being at the computer so having a good multi-screen setup (dual-monitor) and comfortable desk and chair is important.  Also having basic craft and media capabilities really helps me out.

I decided to start rectangular just to get some basic size dimensions.  Yes, this is going to be a large office which I prefer to call a studio or workstation. I have a general idea of where the rooms will be laid out but it is important to be sure there is enough room so that everything that needs included has a home.  Hence, the items and details build the dimensions. And to do that, you need to know all the items and details.  The blueprints are currently just early stage concepts for starting off room dimensions.  Currently I’m thinking 18′ x 22′ should be enough.


Gravity Pad Squared Office

Office Items – Furniture

Computer Desk
It should be stand up, non-adjustable as I prefer to not mess around with moving computer equipment and all the cables that are expunged. This allows me to work both standing up and sitting down both.  Cables will be hidden by custom or pro modification by Squishy Lemons. I like the T-shape so I can have more arm reach only desk space.  High valued property.  Also, it gives me a view of the outside according to where the placement of doors/windows is now. I don’t particularly like the placement of the above graphic.  I prefer to have monitors against walls and no reflection whatsoever on the screen.

Tall Desk Chair
Size needs to be raised. Spare no expense.

Regular Size Desk Chair

Drafting Table
Currently in possession. Dimensions to be posted later. Included with Long Desk wall.

Long Desk
Desk space helps keeps me organized and gives me a good idea of how many projects are going.  The long desk concept is to have a table about desk height and width of about 4-5 feet.  This should run along the wall.  This long shelf like desk will hold the printer and serve as a great place to work on projects that aren’t behind a monitor. (wall 1)

Trash Can
Tall kitchen size (13 gal) should be sufficient.  This needs to be hidden from sight.  I’m thinking a cutout on the long bench.

White Board or Chalk Board
I am leaning chalkboard now, but there has to be a clean system in place to cut down on chalk dust.  Whiteboard may be more practical but the Chalkboard has a longer lifespan I would argue and it just seems to get better with age…not the case with the whiteboard. (wall 2)

Drop Down Backgrounds
The cloth backdrops for photography just don’t cut it.  A pull down could be pre-installed with basic green, white, and black backdrops.  That’s about all I would need for what I do.  I plan on incorporating studio lighting directly into the home as to get rid of stand up tripod lighting.  The whole room should serve as a giant light-box.  A drop down would also eliminate the use of a wall.

Flat Rack System, Book Shelving, All Size Paper Storage (detail out at later date), File Storage for 7 years worth. (wall 3)

Large Format Printer
For large scale prototyping.  HP Size dimensions in alt. file. (wall 4)

Large Island Desk
Sometimes you just need a lot of space to work things out.  Ideally this should be able to move aside for the sake of cleaning and projects that need the floor space.  And this is where the term gravity-pad will come into effect.

I would like to leave enough room for some green in the office. Also a humidifier/dehumidifier would be nice. Plants could get worked into design of walls.

Luckily I’m not a glass blower or ceramics designer.  Therefore no kiln will be needed for the Gravity Pad. From what I’ve mapped out quickly and the furniture that is listed above.  I figure approx. 400 sq. ft. allowance for the studio/office/workspace room.


Keep in mind the pictures below are for size proportioning only.

GPad office studio Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 7.56.46 PM


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