Monthly Bills Checklist to Track Your Payments

Monthly Bills Checklist to Track Your Payments

Download or Print a Checklist to Easily Track Your Monthly Payments

1.1.1 – Monthly Bills Checklist

Monthly Bills Checklist

Our first post in the Lifestyle Design category is to make your life a little simpler with a Monthly Bills Checklist.  Squishy Lemons has created a spreadsheet you can download and set up with Google Sheets, MS Excel, or just print out.  Use this one page checklist to track your monthly bills online or with good old fashioned pen and pencil.  I do like old fashioned.

Lifestyle Design from Squishy Lemons designs tips and hacks for maximizing quality of life.  This one is most helpful to anyone who has bills to pay.  Which is pretty much everyone.  You may have rent or mortgage, auto, electric, gas, water bills…etc.  Now you can easily see which ones you have paid and which ones you have not.

Monthly Bills Checklist snapshot

List the monthly bill ‘ITEM’, the ‘PERIOD’ or time frame that the service was for, when it ‘ARRIVES’, the ‘DUE’ date, and ‘PMT’ payment method.  I use this column for online and check.  Then, once you pay the bill, place an ‘x’ in the monthly column that you paid it.  Then simply sit back and know full and well, that you are caught up with the bills, or see which bill didn’t arrive on time so that you can track it down or pay it online without the late fees just because the post office lost it.

With most all online services going to a pay by the month sort of service this can be especially useful for Credit Cards, Online Apps & Services, Insurance Bills and a lot more. Personally, I use this in Google Sheets (from Google Drive), just so I can have a clear desk and less paperwork.  But I’ve included three different versions of the Monthly Bills Checklist for you to use as you wish.

Download for Google Drive (.ods)

Download for MS Excel or Apple Numbers (.xlsx)

View & Print the PDF version

Enjoy the first of many more to come Lifestyle Design projects from Squishy Lemons.

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