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Gravity Pad

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2.1 – Gravity Pad Concept Home


Gravity Pad Concept HomeThe Gravity Pad Concept Home (2) is a design project of Squishy Lemons.  It’s an ongoing sketchbook (online blog) to collect and strategize an extremely high detailed house for my lifestyle.  Read about some of the unique features and concepts as they become vetted here on  The Gravity Pad will employ standard construction techniques for the frame, the design is another matter.

For the Gravity Pad, the preferred design style will fit somewhere between vintage-industrial and clean-modern.  I like to blur the two and employ timeless elements.  A tribute to the past as well as a time saving house Design for Earthlings.

You can read more about the colors chosen as all interior elements will need to adhere to.  You can also check out an ongoing list of the materials & textures used to be featured in the Gravity Pad.

But onto the more fun items.  Probably causing the most dissent while also being the most awesome feature will be the large turtle habitat and aquarium.  The Gravity Pad is an indoor/outdoor merging of nature and rooms for which the turtle habitat will fit well. The pad will also feature a large courtyard with pool and other interactive elements.  An office and workstation to rival a well funded startup has already begun the design process. Open living arrangement while controlling sight lines will be an important aspect and unique design.  Lighting that will go over any normal persons budget, advanced home controls, a small workshop and green house will round out the gravity pad unique elements list.

The Gravity Pad will also include a 2 bed 3.5 bath, kitchen, laundry room, media closet, 1 or 2 car garage, living area, and large walk in closets.  Add plenty of storage and we can get started.

This blog will go into high detail for small random elements about interior design, vintage design, industrial design, and everywhere in between.  Read more about Squishy Lemons to get a good feel of the design style.

Office Workstation Design Studio with multi-media Capabilities and Storage


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