Colors & Theory Featured in Gravity Pad

Colors & Theory Featured in Gravity Pad

Design thoughts going forward with the concept home

2.0.7 – Colors to be Featured in Gravity Pad

This is an ongoing list of Colors & Theory that will be featured in the Gravity Pad Concept Home.  It’s one of the first design thoughts that went into the Gravity Pad…I’m a huge fan of color.  The Gravity Pad colors are to resemble earth.  Blues being pulled mostly from water elements, greens from nature with many indoor plants, splashes of blacks and whites, and a lot of dirt and sand colors.  I have added a pop color to basically represent the under crust as well.  This post outlines the process I used to outline the preliminary concept colors of the home.


Read more about Textures & Materials & to be featured in the Gravity Pad.


So to take a look at earth from above. I pulled some colors using photoshop.

Earth coloring

Color Scheme Concept



I’m not sure the aqua blue will be featured outside of the water…although it is a great color.  I doubt any item in the Gravity Pad, other than plants, will be green. Which leaves the other four colors (Marine Blue, Tan, Off-white, Dark Blue/Black) as a good place to start.

Marine Blue & Shades:  Used for small wall coloring, trims, borders, accents, tiles, low texture items.

Tan & Shades: Used for textures and materials, wall colors, floor colors, ceiling colors, exterior house colors, trims, and borders

Off-White: Not actually full on white, but close.  Use as a primary color, brighten up rooms, set definition of room.

Dark Blue: Not actually black, but might as well be.  Prefer for small fastenings.

First I will pull the deep blue marine and tan color using a great app

Marine Blue Shades (#1-5)

Gravity Pad Color Schemes

Shades of Marine Blue #4

Gravity Pad Color Schemes

Grey Shades of Marine Blue #5

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.45.59 PM

Shades of Sand (#1-5)

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.56.40 PM

Shades of Sand #4

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.58.58 PM

Shades of Sand #2

Gravity Pad Shades of dirt

Next up. These colors give me a good starting point.  However earth has virtually every color somewhere. And while the above colors are what I like to think of as the base colors, we need to add some pop.  Currently like the earth hot magma sort of orange red is what I am thinking. Particularly the 3rd color in the scheme below. I like to think of it as the color of the fifth element like in the movie with Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis.  Awesome colors in that movie.

Pop Colour

Gravity Pad Pop Color

Keep in mind my pop color changes from time to time but I’m sticking with this for now as that decision can be made at a later date and/or depend on a single item’s color availability.

All items to be featured in the Gravity Pad must conform or relate to these colors.  And really only a fraction of them.  Now that I have my base colors and my pop color, I’ll focus on finding materials and goods that are in this range.

Colors have meaning and while the meaning of these colors is to represent earth the pop color theory may be confusing.  Design is extremely under valued.  Or at least good design is under valued.  That’s because poor design kills.  I believe there was a website stating this fact using a case example of an airline terminal not having clearly marked exit signs.  This is why a pop color, used sparingly can have a dramatic effect and appeal.

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