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Squishy Lemons is a design blog with a variety of projects and custom design goods.

Squishy Lemons creates design for the tiny, rare, precious, and unique lives we live.  Here at Squishy Lemons, the focus is on the details of design with an emphasis on uniqueness.  The end goal being a life of simplicity, beauty, and creativeness. The site features three main design projects…

Lifestyle Design.  Squishy Lemons loves introverts….that’s why we have focused on creating lifestyle design articles for the lone wolfs, hermits, and people that generally like spending time alone.  Learn how to design your own introvert lifestyle with hacks and tips on being more productive and saving you time while pursuing your own projects.

Gravity Pad Concept Home Design.  The second design project is a personal sketchbook for interior design.  The goal being to design a custom residence (The Gravity Pad) that is unlike anything you’ll ever see.  We look to think outside of the box and find a solution that diminishes complexity while adding value all around the home.

Squishy Picks & Miscellaneous Design.  Here at Squishy Lemons, we love good design.  Visit our favorite designers list or view a Squishy Selects category to find triple curated design goods.  At the end of each year, we put out a Squishy Picks, basically the best of the best from the Squishy Selects throughout the year.  And last and definitely least…the weird and virtually useless design finds that are worth a look for nothing more than finding a little inspiration.


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Enjoy the site…Jordan