1″ Refrigerator Magnets – Designer Color Series

Handmade to Simple Perfection

Designer Color 1″ Button Magnets

Designer Colors refrigerator button magnets. Professionally pressed they should last for many years. Stick on the refrigerator or any magnetic dry erase board. Each series comes with 5 different buttons each with their own color.

Perfect for those with high refrigerator standards. Showcase your family in style to match your kitchen colors!

*Actual color may vary, see other images for better representation

Designer Colors Series #1

Light Purples and Blues.

Designer Colors Series #2

Navy purple, sea blue, aqua teal, kiwi green, soft yellow. Picture doesn’t do this one justice. The dark is too dark, and the blues are more aqua.

Designer Colors Series #3

Orange, yellow, light green, green, and sea green. Looks red in picture…orange in real life. Also more fresh than pewtred…I need to focus on my photography skills apparently.  See the shop picture graphic…it’s better color representative.


Designer Colors Series #4

Cherry red, orange, really light green, aqua blue, and deep aqua blue/green.

Designer Color Series #5

Sold Exclusively Through SquishyLemons.com. Two of these are virtually same color.  (top right and bottom right in picture are hard to distinguish.  But it is not a mistake.  These peaches to pinks work well.

Designer Color Series #6

Sold exclusively through SquishyLemons.com. Blue, Orange-Red, Sea Green, Pastel Yellow, Pastel pink-orange.

Designer Color Series #7

Red Flavors

Designer Color Series #8

Neutral Grey, Cherry Red, White, Navy Blue, Deep Sea Green

Designer Color Series #9

Orange, Red-Orange, Dark Navy, Black, Maroon

Designer Color Series #10

Old Rose, Deep Purple, Tan, Mint Green, Rasberry

And one button creation pictures…

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